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Oil Analysis


A good way to measure what is going on in the engine or in machinery is to use oil analysis.


Other engine enhancing products

(all synergistic with Xcelplus)

Air Filters (Foam)

Unifilter http://www.uniflow.com.au

  • Filters particles down to 4 microns (~8x smaller): compared to 30 microns for paper filters

  • Decreases silicon (dirt) in your oil by ~50%... which means roughly a 100% increase in engine life.

  • Is ~24% less restrictive (flows more)

  • Is re-usable

  • Is ideal for the VERY worst muddy, dirty and dusty environments (it keeps working and doesn't clog)

  • Needs very little maintenance (keeps working even if you don't clean it)

N.B. Unifilter air filters performed better than all other filters tested (including foam) e.g. Unifilter filter oil remained distributed throughout the filter no matter how long we left the filter in and didn't turn to grease after prolonged use. UniFilter also removed significantly more dirt than some other foam filters e.g. Pipercross

Foam filters compared to paper and gauze:


Oil Filters

Oil after 8,000 km a) conventional filter b) Trasko filter

Trasko http://www.trasko-usa.com

  • 400x smaller particle filtration compared to paper filters: Normal filters filter down to ~40 microns and Trasko filters filter to ~1/10 micron

  • 100x filtering capacity

  • Improved cooling

  • Reusability

  • Increased engine life

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers says that:

  • Filtering down to 30 microns reduces engine wear by 50%

  • Filtering to 15 microns reduces wear by 70%

  • Controlling engine contaminants in the range 2-22 microns is necessary for controlling engine wear


Spark Plugs (Iridium)

  • Iridium plugs last 60,000 ~ 100,000 km: compared to 10,000 ~ 40,000 km for conventional plugs)

  • Do not need re-gapping

  • Burn more efficiently

  • Reduce or eliminate knocking

  • In dirty engines they help keep the plugs cleaner

NGK http://www.ngkspark.com.au/pages/bulletins/T01-7.htm


Spark Plugs (Torque Master)

  • 100% to 200% more spark exposure to the combustible mixtures in the combustion chamber: because of their unique 360 degree firing and ultra wide gap

  • Last up to 240,000 km

  • Modestly priced



Fuel Catalysts

Fitch https://fitchfuelcatalyst.com/

  • Boost the fuel octane (more power)

  • Improve fuel efficiency

  • Reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi (extremophiles)

  • Stop fuel from going off (easier starting)

  • Purchase once

Petrol filters (Sintered metal)

For carburettors (work better than gauze or mesh):

  • Stop carburettors from filling up with fine particles

  • Allow easy petrol flow

  • Are typically transparent (easy to see contaminants)

  • Are easy to clean (reverse flushable)

  • Trap water


Magnetic Sump plugs

Magnetic sump plugs can be used in the engine, gearbox and differential. They remove ALL ferrous particles from circulation.

Normal Oil filters only remove particles >40 microns in size.

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers says that:

  • Filtering down to 30 microns reduces engine wear by 50%

  • Filtering to 15 microns reduces wear by 70%

  • Controlling engine contaminants in the range 2-22 microns is necessary for controlling engine wear

Iron (Fe) is typically the largest source of metal in the oil. If you remove iron from circulation you have removed the majority of all metal in the oil.

Magnetic sump plugs can be used to prove that Xcelplus is working: Do a visual inspection before and after treatment. Reductions of >50 % are typical.


Chain Oilers


Typically a good chain oiler will at least double the lifespan of a chain and sprocket set.

Xcelplus added to your chain oil (via your chain oiler) is roughly twice as effective as a chain oiler alone: Check out the testimonial in which a 520 o-ring chain on an XT600 lasted 57,777 km (~5x longer than normal) after Xcelplus treatment.

What destroys your chain and sprockets is a lack of lubrication. A chain oiler improves lubrication greatly but Xcelplus being an extremely durable metal treatment is the only thing that can provide lubrication at all times. Being even more slippery than the oil it is used with.

N.B. It's not till the o-ring starts to wear (~2/3 of lifespan) that the Xcelplus can penetrate and coat the pin around which the chain pivots ...where the bulk of the friction occurs. Once Xcelplus coats the pin the chain and sprocket noise noticeably decreases.

It only takes ~1 mL of Xcelplus added to the chain oil to treat the chain.

You save money on chain oil when you use Xcelplus because you don't need as much. The bike is also cleaner because there is less oil spatter.

Xcelplus works best with a chain oiler... as it takes persistent dripping of the lubricant onto the chain to penetrate to the pin and coat it.

Xcelplus Gear Treatment is ideal for use with a chain oiler. As Xcelplus is not an oil it does not affect the chain lubricant you use.

Scottoilers are particularly robust and relatively easy to install.